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Organisation Design

“Organisation design is the deliberate process of configuring structures, processes, reward systems and people practices to create an effective organisation capable of achieving the business strategy” (Galbraith, Downey, Kates, 2002, Designing Dynamic Organisations). According to Lowell, Bryan and Joyce (2007) executives invest enormous energy in product designs and long-range strategic plans, though many of these initiatives become obsolete as markets and competitors adapt, social norms and regulations evolve, and technologies advance.

Yet most corporate leaders overlook a golden opportunity to create a durable competitive advantage and generate high returns for less money and with less risk: making organisational design the heart of strategy. Effective organisation design is a pre-requisite for effective strategy execution. It also impacts many Human Resource processes and systems that cannot function optimally if the organisation’s design is not integrated and aligned to strategy.

The Talent Hub can assist you with diagnosing organisation design needs; designing the desired organisation; business process mapping and job profiling.

The Talent Hub also presents a two-day workshop to train staff on the principles and process of organisation design.